Special events present unique challenges in terms of solid waste and resource consumption. Our new Sustainable Event Planning Guide is designed to help you through the process of planning events with important sustainability considerations in mind. With handy checklists, terminology clarifications, and a range of solution options, this guide addresses everything from zero-waste planning to the environmental and social implications of promotional products, to the greenhouse gas footprint of electricity and transportation energy consumption.

How to plan a sustainable eventThe Dynamic Sustainability team knows that every organization has its own unique needs, capabilities, and access to resources. Therefore, we designed this guide to be shared, modified, and reproduced, with attribution.  Download a copy here!

Want to continue developing sustainability protocols for your organization? Consider calling Dynamic Sustainability to help you make landfill-free principles, energy efficiency, and social responsibility a part of your organizational culture. We will work to help you achieve these goals, and provide on-site training for your team.

Sustainable Event Planning Guide: Free Download