Our Outlook

Sustainability should be the guiding principle behind the development of all systems.  Simply put, this includes responsible use of natural resources, mitigation of polluting outputs and environmental damage, and equitable human access to physical and social resources.  A sustainable idea recognizes the interconnectivity of the economic, social and environmental dimensions of society, and serves these dimensions in balance.

At Dynamic Sustainability Consulting, we follow Karl-Henrik Robèrt’s four system principles, also known as “the Natural Step,” as our definition of sustainable systems. 

Our Services

Dynamic Sustainability Consulting brings you implementation-focused solutions to your organizational systems. Through on-site work and detailed conversations with your constituents, we help make your sustainability goals into realities.  We don’t leave you with plans, we leave you with practices: in-place programs, implemented, tested, documented, and flexible.  We bring you sustainable solutions for sustainability, and don’t consider our job done until your constituents can carry the programs without our guidance.

Our Team

Froggi VanRiper, Sustainability Consultant  Kaveh Karimi, Sustainability Consultant

Dynamic Sustainability co-founders Froggi VanRiper and Kaveh Karimi have extensive experience in guiding sustainable system practices in a variety of industries.

Froggi has a master’s degree in Sustainable Development from Linköping University in Sweden, and has coordinated waste management and sustainability projects in the governmental, private, and higher education sectors since 2005.  She recently served as Director of Campus Sustainability Initiatives at Knox College.

Kaveh has a master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Engineering from Linköping University in Sweden.  He has worked extensively with local food systems in the U.S. since 2012, and currently develops  software for ecological conservation measures.  He brings to the team rich knowledge and experience in energy efficiency, sustainable energy alternatives, and electricity distribution.

What are your sustainability goals?  Contact us to make them a reality!